Liam Wood's aim is to help aspiring future champions to get their best results out of them, may it be personal goals or completive results...
Most professional surfers and want to be professional surfers don't do enough to maintain or grow their relationships with their sponsors.
CTS is here to help guide surfers in the right direction to maintain professional relationships and results to bring the best out of every surfers career.
With Liam Wood  experience he hopes to help future champions -  has coached some of South Africa’s top surf athletes, managed Top surfers on the WQS & WSL world tour, worked closely with some of the most recognised surfers, managers, coaches, and SPORT psychologists in the world.
Liam has also surfed and Capt. the Britain & Irish surf team, represented Western Province, won a few small and big events and has Sports and Team marketing background with one of the biggest surf brands in the world.
His past expertise as a hands on coach and professional team manager for top extreme athletes has given Liam the passion to work with all types of surfers.
Goals for surfers:
  • Give the best sound advice to achieve their best personal results
  • Help get sponsors and deliver what sponsors are looking for
  • Help the surfer work on the task in hand and focus truly on just his/her surfing
  • Create a positive environment where surfers can focus on their personal goals
  • Create a 5 year plan and goal setting every month
  • Create opportunities with new bigger sponsors
  • Social media management
  • Connect with his sponsors weekly - reports
    • (coaching | Photos |Video | Finance | Travel sponsorship)
  • Connect - Magazines and newspapers
  • Create photo and film shoot opportunities with Zigzag photographers
  • Manage Contest entries and contest accommodation support
  • Connect with the right media guys - ASP | WSL |SSA
  • Make sure the surfer is happy - relaxed, confident and content were things are going
  • Manage his fitness
  • Maintain goals, understanding of himself - visual contest diary etc
  • Meetings with sponsors  -create a better understanding with the brands and how they work.
    • Creating a opportunity to network with the right people and open doors for future plans

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