CTS offer surf lessons for advanced surfers, coaching on technique and the finer details to really improve and enhance performance in the water.

Liam Wood, who carries the top qualifications including SSA LEVEL 1 &2, ISA LEVEL1&2, heads up our team of qualified surf instructors. He has over ten years experience as an international and national surfer and in addition has worked with professional surfers on the WQS and WCT tours. He is a professional surf manager and he comes equipped to offer you the best expertise to take your surfing to the next level.

Liam has worked with and managed WP and SA’s top future groms and continues to develop surfers all over the country building them physically and mentally into better, stronger athletes.

May you be a budding future junior/senior champion, surf for your primary or senior school or just want to improve – this is for ALL ages!

What you can learn depending on individual & package:
  • Performance & video analysis
  • Fitness & training (stretching, physiology, flexibility, performance and injury reduction)
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Program planning (surf drills)
  • Personal surfing ability assessments
  • In depth video or photo analysis (extra)
  • Manoeuvre evaluations
  • Contest strategy
  • Preparation techniques
  • Competition drills and break downs
  • Marketing & sponsorship
  • Spider Board test centre
Cost: R350 -R450 Private
Private: Everyday of the week
Cost: R150
Group classes on Mon / Wed & Fri
Extras: Booklets, photo & video shoots
  • Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Book now & LIVE THE DREAM

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